Tenuta Valdichiesa Salina Bianco 2019



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The agro-biological company d'Amico Salvatore is one of the oldest on the island of Salina.

The agro-biological denomination was obtained thanks to the work of Salvatore d'Amico who turned his territory to organic.

From these fine vineyards comes the White Salt obtained with Catarratto, Insolia and Malvasia. Spring bouquet with a fresh and fruity taste and a marked sapidity describe it in an excellent way.



Giallo paglierino.


Gradevole e intenso il bouquet olfattivo, composto da sentori fruttati di pesca a polpa bianca e da sfumature agrumate di limone.


Il sorso si dimostra corrispondente al naso, fresco, aromatico e di buona persistenza. Ammandorlata e leggermente sapida la chiusura.


Piatti a base di pesce, frutti di mare, crostacei, carni bianche e formaggi semi stagionati.



YEAR 2019
VINES 40% Ansonica/Inzolia, 50% Catarratto Bianco Comune, Malvasia di Lipari
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Primi giorni di Settembre.



GROUND Vulcanico
REFINEMENT 50% in botte (toneau) per circa 4 mesi, 50% in acciaio.
WINEMAKING Vinificazione in bianco.



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Name: D'Amico Salino
Address: Via Libertà 27 - Leni (ME)
Web Site: www.cantinedamico.it

The Salvatore d’Amico farm is one of the oldest on the island of Salina and is a small family business operating in the municipality of Leni. Family memories allow us to reconstruct the history of the company over three generations: grandfather Antonino Divola began in the early 1900s, building the first winery in the Valdichiesa area and at his death in 1964, the daughters Nunzia continued Grace. In 1972 his daughter Nunzia and her husband, Raffaele d'Amico, proceeded to renovate the current Leni winery inside an old Aeolian house and to enter the vineyards at no. 8 in the DOC register of Malvasia delle Lipari. In the same year, his son Salvatore D'Amico, winemaker and expert of the island's traditions for passion, decided to take care of the family business and in 1976 he completed some "experiments", with the help of old precious manuscripts of grandfather and his parents' experiences, which allow him to produce a Malvasia, a renowned passito wine of the highest level and to relaunch the activity with the new appellation Azienda Agrobiologica Salvatore d'Amico. Over the years, the land cultivated with vines has gradually increased from an initial hectare, from which the entire production of the family farm came, to three hectares. The planting of new vineyards has required a great deal of effort due to the morphology of the land, which has made the construction of terraced plants particularly difficult by restoring the old centuries-old dry stone walls, along which the caper plants grow spontaneously. From the vineyards the winery produces four real oenological pearls: Malvasia delle Lipari D.O.C, Tenuta Ruvoli a Salina Rosso I.G.T., Tenuta Valdichiesa a Salina Bianco I.G.T. and the Léne a Salina Bianco I.G.T., all fine wines, to be tasted directly on the farm, perhaps after having visited the characteristic cellar and the vineyards from which they come.