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Tramin Lagrein Rosè 2018

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Veronelli 2011
Bibenda 2011
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Location Termeno (Trentino Alto Adige)
Climate N/A
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Address: Termeno (Trentino Alto Adige)

Web site:

Year of starter: 1898

Winemaker: Willi Sturz

Produced bottles: 30

Hectares: 230

It was in the year 1898 that Christian Schrott, parish priest of Tramin and deputy of the Austrian parliament, decided to found the Wine Producers’ Cooperative of Tramin, one of the first to appear in this zone. After more than a hundred years, the TRAMIN Winery is today a company which coordinates 280 wine growers, who follow its strict directives on the growing of vines over an area of some 230 hectares - hard yet fascinating work, which requires a great passion for the land and for nature. The final result is a top-class raw material which allows the production of wines that have both strength and elegance, complexity and immediateness. However, it is not only from a production perspective that the company has developed over the years. Distribution now extends to the furthest reaches of the national territory, thanks to the professionalism of agents and distributors; a network of importers assures the presence of Tramin wines on the most important international markets. The TRAMIN Winery applies a high-quality standard to all aspects of the work, from the simplest to the most complex. This criterion addresses the fundamental points in vine growing and the relationship with the environment. Awareness of the fact that they possess a natural asset with extraordinary qualities makes the wine growers sensitive to the demands of the vine, which have always driven the quest for the perfect balance between production and vegetation. Another ongoing objective of the Company is the use of increasingly natural and eco-compatible cultivation techniques. The wines of the TRAMIN Winery are the result of a deep knowledge of the wine-growing region and its climate. Indeed, the continental climate of the region, with its remarkable temperature differences between seasons (hot, dry summers followed by harsh and often snowy winters) and even between day and night, plays its part in making the taste of Tramin wines unique to the palate. The oenologist pays scrupulous attention to all of this and to other factors in looking for new blends and nuances of taste. As for results and success, we invite you to consult the site to browse the list of prizes and recognitions awarded. As an example, we can mention the title of ‘Italian winemaker of the year’ awarded in 2004 by the prestigious "Gambero Rosso and Slow Food Wines of Italy" guide to Willi Stürz, the Winery’s winemaker.

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