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The story of Umani Ronchi is a story of lives, vines, lands and values. A story that is renewed year by year with more than 50 years of history.
Today Umani Ronchi is the wine company owned by the Bianchi-Bernetti family, which since 1957 produces with care and craftsmanship, high quality wines, knowing how to enhance those vines that find their natural and best expression in the lands of the Marche and the Abruzzo: Verdicchio and Montepulciano.

All vineyards, from Verdicchio to Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, are grown organically. A technical choice even before an ideological one. Because to make organic agriculture there must be balance in nature, there must be that variety of crops, essences, herbs that make biodiversity. Here organic is synonymous with quality.

Pelago is one of the most prestigious and sought after wines in the world after the award obtained at the International Wine Challenge in London in 1997.
Born from an intuition of the group of technicians Umani Ronchi, who decided to combine it with Montepulciano del Cabernet Sauvignon, Pelago is a wine that preserves the style and personality of native grapes, together with the complexity and aromatic profile of Bordeaux grapes. Its name derives from the ancient Greek pelagos, mare, which suggests the marine character and the organoleptic peculiarities typical of wines produced near the coasts.



Rubino intenso.


Ventaglio aromatico di ampie dimensioni che si apre con piccola frutta di bosco, viole appassite, pulita nota vegetale di corteccia di china, alloro e canfora impreziositi da pepe di Sichuan, chiodi di garofano e tabacco cubano.


Sorso di rara eleganza dettata dall'equilibrio fresco morbido, dai tannini setosi e dal dinamismo sapido che guida i lunghissimi echi fruttati e finemente speziati.


Si abbina perfettamente a carni rosse, selvaggina da piuma e formaggi stagionati.



YEAR 2017
VINES 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 50% Montepulciano
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Comune di Osimo (AN)
GROUND Il terreno, che risale a formazioni del plio?pleistocene marino, è molto profondo, franco argilloso?limoso, decisamente calcareo.
REFINEMENT A fermentazione malolattica svolta, il vino passa alla fase di affinamento in barrique di rovere da 225 lt. per un periodo di 14 mesi. Dopo l'imbottigliamento il Pelago affina ulteriormente in ambiente termocontrollato, per circa 12 mesi.
WINEMAKING L'uva diraspata e leggermente pigiata viene fatta fermentare a 27?29°C in fermentini di acciaio, a cappello sommerso, per 14?15 giorni su lieviti indigeni.
RETURN HALF 50-70 q.



Red shramp2005
Wine Spectator201191
Wine Spectator201390
Wine Spectator201591
Wine Advocated200588
Wine Advocated200992
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Name: Umani Ronchi
Start-up year: 1955
Cultivated hectares: 210
Winemaker name: Giacomo Mattioli, Beppe Caviola
Address: Via Adriatica, 12 - Osimo (AN)
Web Site:

Since the beginning of its history, the Azienda Vinicola Umani Ronchi has distinguished itself as a great interpreter of two of the most typical wines of the Marche region, Verdicchio and Rosso Conero. Massimo Bernetti, who since the 1990s has been joined in the management of the Company by his son Michele (see photo), has created wines which are appreciated throughout the world, has renovated the vineyard stock and has refurbished the great winery at Osimo, but he is not yet satisfied and stubbornly insists on following the imperatives of a product of the highest quality. All this translates into serious work of experimental agronomy and vineyard care, and the adoption of the most advanced techniques of cultivation and vinification. In the last few years the growth of interest in the wines produced in the neighbouring region of Abruzzo led Umani Ronchi SpA in 2002 to purchase a 30 hectare holding in the Teramane hills, a designated sub-area of Doc Montepulciano d'Abruzzo which has achieved an upgrade to the prestigious appellation Docg. Here, in the picturesque farmhouse which dominates an estate well-planted with vineyards, a vinification winery is to be constructed, to join the existing ageing cellar. Currently, the land in the Company’s ownership planted with vines covers an area of 210 hectares, distributed over twelve distinct plots each with unique characteristics, respecting and making the most of the terroir and indigenous vines of the Marche and Abruzzo. Research is also being energetically pursued with the most representative international varieties, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, for creating innovative wines which can stand comparison with the finest in the world. The most exciting result of this passion is Pèlago 1994, which won the prestigious International Wine Challenge in London in 1997 and was listed by the magazine Wine Enthusiast in its league table of the 100 top wines of 1998, with the extremely high score of 97/100. Umani Ronchi SpA has achieved great results and can boast real recognition which it has won especially with its fine wines, but also with its products made for a larger market.