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Fabio Zardetto is an organic pioneer, his vineyard has been conducted with organic agriculture for over 25 years on an area that enjoys excellent ventilation.
We are on the hills of the area between Conegliano and Refrontolo, the historical cradle of Prosecco Superiore DOC. An area that has now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the Zardetto family has been cultivating vineyards for 4 generations.
The prosecco obtained reflects all the characteristics of the territory on the glasses, enhancing their peculiarities.

Cavalier is the name with which the Venetians call the silkworm. This animal incessantly weaves its cocoon on the branches of the mulberry trees, in Venetian called Morèr, trees that are found in abundance as the leader of the rows of the vineyard from which the grapes of this intriguing brut come.

A Prosecco obtained by manual harvest and fermentation in autoclave according to the Marinotti Method in order to maintain the fragrance and aromas of the glera grape.



Brillante giallo paglierino con riflessi verdognoli.


Ricco aroma citrino e freschezza erbacea con piacevoli tocchi di crosta di pane. Interessanti le note fruttate di fragole di bosco. Spiccano mela verde, leggera pera, scia agrumata.


Bocca ampia e golosa, fruttata e ben bilanciata. Uno stile pieno, gustoso, pulito e lungo. Buona persistenza con soffice cremosa effervescenza finale. Sprigiona senzazioni di mela verde.


Ottimo in abbinamento a piatti della cucina italiana, con un pollo alla piastra o durante un aperitivo.



ALCOL 11.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Prima metà di Settembre, a mano.



CLASSIFICATION DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco
LOCATION Vigneti nella zona collinare della Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, in particolare nella zona tra Conegliano e Refrontolo (TV).
PERLAGE Perlage fine e persistente.
SUGAR 10.0 g/l



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Name: Zardetto
Start-up year: 1969
Cultivated hectares: 25
Winemaker name: Renato de Noni e Fabio Zardeto
Address: Conegliano (TV)
Web Site:

Almost a hundred years have now gone by since Bepi Zardetto lost his horse and cart fully loaded with wine barrels during the retreat from Caporetto, on the Italian front of the First World War. A hundred years over which a family has traced its history along a straight, continuous line marked by the work and passion of its members. Between the silver medal won by Ernesto Zardetto in 1934 in the Sweet Wine category (or, as he called it in his dialect, vin da botìglia [wine for bottling]) and the success of Zardetto Prosecco on the international market and the tables of the world, there is a long bountiful path paved with the same extraordinary dedication to creating wines that the Zardetto family has passed on from father to son. After Bepi, Ernesto and Pino, silent protagonists of an uninterrupted history, it is Fabio as its sole proprietor since 1998 who now has the task of bringing new energy to the company. A convinced advocate of the need to dedicate his production to specialising in Sparkling Prosecco, in 2002 he began building a new winery equipped with avant garde technologies. This was his way of transforming a constant search for excellence into a strong impulse for modernization of the methods for making sparkling wines, through optimum organization of production and effective co-operation with trusted wine grape growers in the most suitable vineyards. Fabio Zardetto, a careful selector of grapes and expert in the terroirs of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, firmly wants his wines to express the different specific features of each vineyard, the result of his own personal research and love for his land.